Your Participation Matters

In order to continue providing a voice for the SBRNA, we urge our neighbors to join us by participating in Board Meetings and Community Events. The South BRNA Board is composed of members from all different backgrounds, industries, and beliefs. We are a united and all-inclusive neighborhood association; regardless of race, religion, gender identity, or other areas of personal interest. We encourage you at this time to find ways of taking positive action for compassion, equality, justice, and safety.

One of the resources we would like to highlight is Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative, a human rights organization that tirelessly works to end all discrimination in the U.S. legal system from the inside out, challenge racial and economic injustice, and protect basic, constitutional rights for the most vulnerable Americans. Bryan comes from Harvard law school, wrote a New York Times best selling book, Just Mercy that has also become an acclaimed film, and is the founder and Executive Director of Equal Justice Initiative. If we, and our parents ever said, “study hard” you may want to encourage your kids to study Bryan’s life –as inspiration for where all the hard work in education can take them!

The SBRNA is interested in hearing messages from our community. Please email us with your comments, suggestions, or encouraging words to share!

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