Manny Singh

Supply Chain Professional, Semiconductors

COMMUNITY: Block Captains

Manny Singh has been a resident in the Basking Ridge community for the past ten years. In the first two years he was a renter in Basking Ridge, but instantly fell in love with the beautiful neighborhoods, walking trails, and amazing people in the community. It was then that he decided this was the right place for him to raise his family and be a permanent part of this neighborhood. After six months of aggressively putting in offers and facing disappointments to lost bids… his dreams of owning a home in this community finally came true, as a proud homeowner in the South end of Basking Ridge. 
Like many in the Silicon Valley, Manny brings over two decades of experience working in the semiconductor industry as a Supply Chain Professional. Work is his passion but he enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two young boys who keep him well-entertained.  
Manny has a belief that as we live among each other within the same community, neighbors are more an extended family than just the “people next door”. It’s important to look out for one another and treat everyone with the same respect as we do family. A simple change of perception can immediately strengthen the bond that holds this community together. This is what drove his interest to join the SBRNA leadership team. He is committed to helping build a safer community not just for his family, but for his extended family in South Basking Ridge. 

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