Listening Develops Compassion

During these times, SBRNA is here to listen, so we can understand and really care for your concerns.

We encourage you to listen with our four C’s listed below, so we can support one another as a growing community.

  • Consistency: brings courage, not fear.
  • Care: for others as sacrificial, instead of selfish.
  • Compassion: we listen to others to change.
  • Community: we do this as a group to help others feel that together, we can change the world to be a better place, one neighbor at a time.

We have some questions you can ask loved ones during this time.

1.  How are you staying safe at this time?
2.  What activities are best fueling you and your family that you would like to share with others?
3.  What is the best thing that has come out of shelter-in-place?
4. What can you do to help others feel listened to?

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