Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 6/16/2021

Capt. Dwyer, new Southern Division Police Captain, reported statistics on the Basking Ridge Neighborhood: 20 calls in the last 30 days 35% of calls were due to audible alarms Other types of calls included: Information only calls (another PD contacting them about a case) traffic control sideshow has become a challenge (2 occasions) weapons (noContinue reading “Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 6/16/2021”

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 2/11/2021

Marina Chakmakjian, Jorge Casillas, Lt. Kendra Nunes, Sergio Jimenez (Cell: 408 348-5852)x18 neighbors in attendance- majority were new to Neighborhood Watch and 10+ year residentsx32 rsvp’d Objectives: Meet your neighbors! Develop partnerships- police and residents Obtain crime prevention info Implementation 5-6 officers in District 2 during swing shift.  One specific to Basking Ridge. Info re:Continue reading “Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 2/11/2021”

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 11/19/2020

Marina shared that 32 neighbors had registered to participate in the NW meeting 11/19. About 12 – 14 people signed on. D2 Councilman’s Office Rep was Laura Nguyen: She shared info about the monthly newsletter that can be accessed via the website. Sergio’s Term expires 12/31/2020. Southern Division Police Department Rep was: Lt. Kendra Nunes:Continue reading “Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 11/19/2020”

SBRNA Kickoff Meeting FAQ

Summary of Answers from Mr. James Stagi, D2 Housing and Policy Plan Administrator & Ms. Ragan Henninger, Deputy Director of Homeless Response Team: Will the Bridge Housing Communities increase crime and gangs, and devalue our neighborhood property? How will residents be selected? Will residents be required to pay rent, if so, how much? Are residentsContinue reading “SBRNA Kickoff Meeting FAQ”