Basking Ridge Neighborhood Association

As the emerging voice for the Basking Ridge neighborhood, our aim is to work together to build a neighborhood that encompasses the four C’s of Consistency, Care, Compassion, and Community.

Our Values

The definition of bask in “Basking Ridge” is “to lie or relax in a pleasant warmth or atmosphere”. We, as the emerging Basking Ridge Neighborhood Association believe that by partnering with all District 2 residents and the city of San Jose, we can create that type of pleasant warmth, in a family-friendly environment. This warmth can protect our children, create community and a sense of friendship that can lead to a multi-cultural mosaic of a larger, extended family at Basking Ridge Neighborhood.

Our First Kick-Off meeting just happened!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020!

Defining BRNA

The Basking Ridge Neighborhood Association (BRNA) fits within the boundaries of Tenant Ave/Gravina Loop to the north, Metcalf Road to the south, and Highway 101/Basking Ridge Avenue to the west. Within those boundaries are over 928 houses, and nearby, scenic Coyote Creek trails, and Parkway Lakes. Many other conveniences are within a few miles including a local shopping mall, dental and post office, gym and restaurants, and Santa Teresa County Park. Rita Ledesma Elementary School is located central to the Neighborhood.

You Can Help

A Neighborhood Message of

Listening Develops Compassion

During these times, BRNA is here to listen, so we can understand and really care for your concerns. We encourage you to listen with our four C’s listed below, so we can support one another as a growing community. We have some questions you can ask loved ones during this time.

talk it over

1.      How are you staying safe at this time?
2.      What activities are best fueling you and your family that you would like to share with others?
3.      What is the best thing that has come out of shelter-in-place?
4. What can you do to help others feel listened to?
  • Consistency: brings courage, not fear.
  • Care: for others as sacrificial, instead of selfish.
  • Compassion: we listen to others to change.
  • Community: we do this as a group to help others feel that together, we can change the world to be a better place, one neighbor at a time.


BRNA Board

    Our first South Basking Ridge Neighborhood Association (SBRNA) Board meeting, was a success! This is due in large part to the hearts of care, concern and participation of Jennifer and Eric Han, Manny Singh, and Anita Lee. Our nominated Board initially came together because we wanted SBRNA to be a safe, loving place where our children and families could grow in community together. As a Board we are dedicated to supporting you, having your voice heard, and using all of our time, talent and resources to reinforce the four C’s of SBRNA: consistency, care, compassion and community. Detailed member biographies are at our “About Us” page.

Nominated South Basking Ridge Neighborhood Association Board Members Include:

Jennifer Han: CARE Board Member

Manny Singh: COMMUNITY, Board Member

Eric Han: CONSISTENCY, Board Member


Your Participation Matters

In order to continue providing a voice for the BRNA, we urge our neighbors to join us by participating in Board Meetings and Community Events. The BRNA Board is composed of members from all different backgrounds, industries, and beliefs. We are a united and all-inclusive neighborhood association; regardless of race, religion, gender identity, or other areas of personal interest. We encourage you at this time to find ways of taking positive action for compassion, equality, justice, and safety.

One of the resources we would like to highlight is Bryan Stevenson’s Equal Justice Initiative, a human rights organization that tirelessly works to end all discrimination in the U.S. legal system from the inside out, challenge racial and economic injustice, and protect basic, constitutional rights for the most vulnerable Americans. Bryan comes from Harvard law school, wrote a New York Times best selling book, Just Mercy that has also become an acclaimed film, and is the founder and Executive Director of Equal Justice Initiative. If we, and our parents ever said, “study hard” you may want to encourage your kids to study Bryan’s life –as inspiration for where all the hard work in education can take them!

The BRNA is interested in hearing messages from our community. Please email us with your comments, suggestions, or encouraging words to share!

(c) 2020 SBRNA is registering as a 501(c)(4) social welfare, non-profit organization for our neighborhood association. All expenditures are publicly available for review by members. Please contact Eric Han at consistency@southbrna.com for more information.

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