Anita Lee

USFSA, PSA Off-Ice Coach

COMPASSION: Collaborator, Website, Member at large

What Anita and her husband Brian and family love is living in a dream home at Basking Ridge and getting to know their amazing neighborhood family. Brian and their fourteen year old son Joshua love running the nearby trails to train for their half marathon runs. Anita and her sixteen year old daughter Ariana, love skating and together are starting their off ice business where they managed to build a ballet room, off-ice gymnasium, and home recording studio room. Within their creative space, as a coaching team, they currently teach clients online and maintain fitness for shared personal goals and aspirations.

Anita is passionate about creating a place in Basking Ridge Avenue of connection for neighbors that will help individuals and families to feel like they’ve become a part of the themes of the childhood t.v. series, “Mr. Rogers” Neighborhood”.  Where the four C’s of his neighborhood culture could become ours: Consistency, Care, Compassion and Community.

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