About Us

The BRNA Board

Basking Ridge Neighborhood Association Board Members Include:

Jennie Han, Board Member

Rosa Lim, General Board Member

Eric Han, Board Member

Jyothi Gogineni, Board Member

The first South Basking Ridge Neighborhood Association (SBRNA) Board meeting, was a success! This was due in large part to the hearts of care, concern and participation of the original pioneers: Jennifer and Eric Han, Manny Singh, and Anita Lee.

The Board initially came together because they envisioned BRNA to be a safe, loving place where all our children and families could grow in community together.

As a continuously dedicated board consisting of neighborhood residents, we are dedicated to supporting you, having your voice heard, and using all of our time, talent and resources to reinforce the four C’s of BRNA: Consistency, Care, Compassion and Community.

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