Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 6/16/2021

Capt. Dwyer, new Southern Division Police Captain, reported statistics on the Basking Ridge Neighborhood:

  • 20 calls in the last 30 days
  • 35% of calls were due to audible alarms
  • Other types of calls included:
    • Information only calls (another PD contacting them about a case)
    • traffic control
    • sideshow has become a challenge (2 occasions)
    • weapons (no firearms)
    • suspicious vehicle/ppl
    • surveillance done by other PD
    • fire dept needing assist
    • patrol check
    • mentally ill person
    • 3 child abuse calls

Capt. Dwyer emphasized that suspicious vehicle and suspicious person calls need to go up. WE need to call when we see something happening. Expected response time: depends on type of incident. If severe enough, it should just be driving time. It’s first come first serve basis and severity basis.

PD made 4 patrol checks in the last 30 days. Additional nightly patrol checks can be made possible – 4 is not great. It’s not enough for a neighborhood as large as ours.

No burglaries or theft reported.

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