Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 2/11/2021

Marina Chakmakjian, Jorge Casillas, Lt. Kendra Nunes, Sergio Jimenez (Cell: 408 348-5852)
x18 neighbors in attendance- majority were new to Neighborhood Watch and 10+ year residents
x32 rsvp’d


  1. Meet your neighbors!
  2. Develop partnerships- police and residents
  3. Obtain crime prevention info
  4. Implementation
  • 5-6 officers in District 2 during swing shift.  One specific to Basking Ridge.
  • Info re: officer response times to be shared with neighbors by Lt Kendra Nunes

Santa Clara pd uses license plate readers in areas with high side show occurrences. Ring cameras can be registered. alerts via email

Bridge housing- anything out of the ordinary, please contact Councilmember’s office.

Measure T- New police training facility near the neighborhood.  Details will be released in near future.  Police substation can be used for initial intent and will be opening soon as the training facility is complete.

Homeless encampments cannot be abated due to Covid.

Covid vaccinations will be held at Hellyer park for residents older than 65 over several days.

Metcalf energy plant subsidized cameras at Los Paseos (+200), but placed on private properties.

Cameras on traffic lights at the corner of Silicon Valley and Basking Ridge.  Possibly put up by DOT.  Councilmember Jimenez will look into it.

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