Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 11/19/2020

Marina shared that 32 neighbors had registered to participate in the NW meeting 11/19. About 12 – 14 people signed on.

D2 Councilman’s Office Rep was Laura Nguyen:

She shared info about the monthly newsletter that can be accessed via the website. Sergio’s Term expires 12/31/2020.

Southern Division Police Department Rep was: Lt. Kendra Nunes:

She works with all D2 Officers. She reported that our neighborhood was pretty safe with low crime rates. She mentioned that there had been a few vehicle break-ins and vandalism. She sometimes covers 2 divisions and performs command level decisions. Interfaces between officers and the community. Active patrol team in BR area including a lot of newer officers. Main concern: along Monterey corridor is the homeless encampment. She reported that they are well aware of the encampments.     

There was a question about the trails near BR. She reported that the officers do not patrol that area, but street crime teams do rotate throughout the city and they do clean-up. COVID has hampered a lot of the resources. They do regularly work in the creeks. Working closely with the park rangers and fish and wildlife offices to address some of the issues in the creeks. They don’t do clean ups, but they will do enforcement sweeps such as violations and warrants. Homeless concerns has not been going out as much due to COVID but any homeless concerns should be reported to the Homeless Concerns hotline/website. 

Crime Data reflects non-emergency line calls as well. She reported that our Division is the least staffed department in the county.

Extended Stay has been monitored lately given the homicide. Company is working with the Police Captain to increase security measures.

Mail theft needs to be called in as well. She advised neighbors to purchase a locked mailbox. If you have suspect info, like videos or descriptions, call it in. They do call the postal inspectors.

Crime Prevention Tips were presented by Marina Chakmakjian, Southern Division Crime Prevention Specialist:

Marina reported that BR homeless concerns have been reported to the Captain. She encouraged neighbors to reach out to her with concerns but also to report via 311. Each person that registered and was on the call will gets a plastic NW sign along with handouts with tips. She reinforced that there needs to be action behind sign

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