Neighborhood Watch Meeting Minutes 3/1/20

March 1, 2020

Dear neighbor,

     In the spirit of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, our first meeting as a Basking Ridge Neighborhood community was a great success. This is in part, thanks to every neighbor that expressed interest, and to those that made a special effort to come out, listen and get to know one another!

   Borrowing from Mister Rogers’ ideas, what makes a neighborhood safe is creating a place for children where we can aim for four C’s: consistency, care, compassion and community. When children know neighborhoods have consistent commitments, when we care for one another as neighbors, and have compassion when others have suffered, and a community that can support one another to find solutions for the betterment of all, we can truly join in the spirit Mister Rogers established in his make believe world — in our real world neighborhoods. Together, we can create places regularly establishing the four C’s which can drive out crime and create communities ensuring a better future for generations to come.

Ms. Marina Chakmakjian, Crime Prevention Specialist

from the San Jose Police Department gave a detailed presentation on the Neighborhood Watch Association, and what we can do as a community to continue to regularly meet and support one another. Some of the major points covered are listed below.

Ms. Helen Chapman, our District Policy and Legislative Advisor

spoke on how the city is eager and available to support all of our concerns ranging from mailbox theft, to  homelessness, wildfire prevention and the installation of flock technology car license plate cameras to work with the SJPD for neighborhood safety.

Greg Peck, District 2 Leadership (D2LC) Council Chair

was also able to provide additional insight as to the overall neighborhood associations he oversees in support of our Basking Ridge community. He would like to see Basking Ridge Represented at the D2LC.

Mr. Doug Killingsworth, Flock Safety Sales Consultant

provided a demo on the License Plate Camera. He also spoke on the advantages of their technology in tracking all car license plates on Basking Ridge Ave. as a way of automatically working with the SJPD to have information on stopping and deterring crime in our neighborhoods.

    A recurring theme as one of the best deterrents of crime is encapsulated in four C’S of: CONSISTENCY, CARE, COMPASSION, COMMUNITY. One of the best defenses against crime is you!

  • A Summary of tips from the San Jose City Police Department
  • It’s best to work with the SJPD directly, they do not have access to footage posted on or other personal apps.
  • San Jose Emergency Calls 911
  • San Jose Emergency Calls from a Cell phone 408-277-8911
  • San Jose Non-Emergency Calls 311
  • San Jose Non-Emergency Calls from a Cell phone 408-277-8900
  • The “Together we are safe” motto means work regularly with your community and each subsequent Neighborhood Watch Meeting, with at least 10 or more attendees to ensure Neighborhood Watch placards in participating households. Streets with at least 70% participation will be provided a larger metal sign posted on the street pole.
  • Neighborhood Watch Meetings are held Tuesdays through Thursdays.
  • Reinforced the importance of downloading the MySJ app, with dozens of resources.  
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