Census 2020 Response

This is from our District 2 Leadership Council Chair, Greg Peck

Dear neighbors, I hope this email finds you all well in these difficult times.
As of April 7, California is tied with the national level in self-response rates at 46.1%. Santa Clara County, surpassing the state, is at 55.6%! That means that many of our neighbors are doing their part to ensure California is counted. However, if we zoom in closer and see how individual census tracts within Santa Clara County are doing, one can see one’s neighborhood tract self-response data.
As you may know, people who are responsible for getting Census responses end up having to follow up one-on-one with households who have not responded but this is no longer possible under the current lockdown situation so I would like to ask everyone to use their social channels to encourage their neighbor(s) to respond electronically or by mail as soon as possible so that we can be counted when the times comes for the Federal Government to hand us back some of our hard-earned tax dollars.

Thank you all for helping out in any way you can.

Thank you, Roland Lebrun of Santa Teresa Bernal Neighborhood Association (STBNA), for bringing this self-response information to our attention. STBNA is north of Bernal Road, up to Cottle Road.
  Greg Peck

For those who like to dig deeper into this type of data, look at https://2020census.gov/en/response-rates.html You can use the menu to select different localities, from the USA, the State, the County, drilling down to individual census tracts.
And, see the attached screenshot for the self-response of a random census tract as it looks on the map (menu is also shown).  Once you get to the “Census Tract” highlighted in light blue, zoom in a little, drag your cursor around the map until you see your census tract show up. If you’d like help with the digging, let me know.

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